About Us

A word from our founder, Claudia Romero

The idea for CAPR-Style came about when I was looking for clothing that would help with dressing and undressing my youngest son, who is almost 5-years old now and profoundly disabled.

As a mother of three young boys, time is not something I have in abundance. My youngest son has a neurological condition that prevents him from being able to move voluntarily; meaning he is 100% dependant on others. Due to this, dressing and undressing him is an extremely difficult task, especially when it comes to putting on t-shirts, jumpers and jackets.

As he has grown older, I began to struggle with his trousers as they don’t have room for his pads. His growing has also made it increasingly difficult to change him, with his day carers and myself losing a lot of time in doing so.

Dressing is a time-consuming task, sometimes stressful (especially in the mornings, getting all three boys ready for school on time). For my son this process is uncomfortable and lifting and moving him also raises the risk of injury for his day carers and us as parents.

Looking for solutions already available, it was clear there wasn’t anything very appealing or trendy for older children or teenagers, nor any products that would satisfy or solve our littlest man’s dressing challenge.

It was then that I decided to start CAPR-Style, to produce a complete line of clothing, a whole wardrobe that solves the daily challenges of dressing disabled children, young and old, bringing them fashion and style, and with the carers needs discretely incorporated into the items.

Our Company

CAPR-Style Ltd is a Scottish-based company. We produce our products ourselves to the highest standard, selecting fabrics directly and sourcing most of our materials from companies based in the UK.
Whilst creating new jobs in Edinburgh, we also give design students the opportunity to gain valuable industry experience and put their ideas in our clothing.

Our Products

All our products are designed specifically for people with severe disabilities, wheelchair users and those with incontinence problems.
The main users are those who have:

  • Limited range of motion and impaired dexterity
  • Motor Neuron Disease
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Spinal Injury
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Stroke Hemiplegia
  • Rigidity
  • Developmental disabilities
  • Toileting/Changing needs
  • G-Tube feeding
  • Catheters and colostomy bags
  • IV tubes

All the final adjustments to our products can be customize to personal needs (i.e. T-shirts with access to PEG tube or length of legs)

Our Team

Claudia Romero, inspired by disabled sonManaging Director, Claudia Romero

Founder of CAPR-Style she is responsible for strategy development and implementation and general management of the business. With a background in business management with particular focus in financial analysis, accountancy and logistics she brings as much knowledge as passion to the company. Through her son she has become heavily involved in with the disability world in Scotland and continues to be so.

Bernardita designer of Adaptive ClothingFashion Director, Bernardita Reyes

She is responsible for clothing design and production. With a degree in Fashion Design and a highly skilled seamstress she brings her own flare to the position. From firsthand experience of working with children who have special needs, she understands the problems that clothing can cause to those with disabilities.