Feeding Tube Covers

Getting access to any medical equipment that has access point through the chest whilst wearing layers of clothing can be difficult. Our sew-it-yourself feeding tube covers can be used to intergrate discreet access to a button or stoma when required. Helping to keep the integraty of the tshirt intact the cover allows you to create a hole in the tshirt to be used as an access point for any G-tube, J-tubes or GJ-tubes. Check out our how-to guide for instructions on how to install the covers.

If you would rather we do the work for you all of our t-shirts can come with intergrated feeding tube covers and you can choose which cover you would like on your t-shirt. Check out our store here to see our range of t-shirts.

When browsing the gallery to get the title of each feeding tube cover simply click on the image and it will highlight the images and give the title of that cover.