How to install our feeding tube covers

Our sew-it-yourself feeding tube covers are perfect for adapting your own t-shirts to include a descreet opening. Here is a step by step guide on how to

Step 1

Make a mark on the t-shirt where you would like the opening. The easiest way we would suggest to do this is whilst the t-shirt is being worn though you can also measure the positioning and make a mark on the t-shirt. You can use whatever you have to hand to make the mark as the patch will cover the mark.


 Step 2

Place g-tube cover on the t-shirt and make sure that you can see the mark you made through the opening on the cover. When you are positioning the cover try placing it so that the mark is as close to the centre of the hole as possible.


Step 3

Once you have lined up the cover with the t-shirt secure it in place with pins.

 Pin the feeding tube cover in place556

Step 4

Turning the t-shirt inside out, lay the it flat ready to iron. With a dry iron, iron over g-cover through the t-shirt making sure that you press down thoroughly and iron


Step 5

The patch now can be sewn in place either by hand or with a sewing machine. Sew around the edge of the cover, making sure to not sew down the hole cover, and then round the opening.

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Step 6

Now the cover is secured in place, cut away the inside of the g-cover opening.