How to Measure

How to Measure Arm Length


  • Bend the arm to 90o
  • Place a measuring tape at the top of the arm where it meets the shoulder (at the point where the bone is most prominent)
  • Follow the arm down, round the elbow, to the wrist
  • Measure to the bump on the wrist where the arm meets the hand

How to Measure Leg Length


  • Keep the leg straight
  • Place the measuring tape at the narrowest point of the waist
  • Measure from here to the prominent bone (the bump) of the ankle

How to Measure the positioning of PEG/JEJ Tubes


  • We require TWO measurements
  • For the first measure the top of the sternum (end of the trachea) measure directly down
  • Take a measurement at the point where the measuring tape is perpendicular to the PEG/JEJ tube opening
  • From this point take a second measurement to the centre of the PEG/JEJ Tube opening