Care Instructions

All of our clothing is made with materials that have been washed and dried before any garments are made meaning that there should be little shrinkage if washed according to the care instructions and should eliminate any colour run from your clothing. To prolong the life of your garements we recommend that you wash them on a warm cycle (around 40C or less) with any snap fasteners closed and secured.

We are sure that you already know well enough how to wash clothing, with a one to many years of practice under your belt, but here is some detail information on the care instructions that feature on our clothing incase something slips your mind or you need to educate one of your little ones.


 Washing Temperatures

  Symbol 1Symbol 2Symbol 3Symbol 4


These symbols corrispond to the temperature that garments should be washed at. Be careful to pay attention to these instructions washing on too high a temperature can shrink or warp clothing. For newly bought items that haven’t been prewashed, don’t worry all of our clothing has, there is likely to be colour run and shrinkage. A method to limit this is wash items individually on a cold wash though you may see colour run when you hot wash it. If you are going to wash one of our garments we suggest that you secure any snap fasteners in place before washing.


The meaning of each symbol are as follows:

Symbol 1

Do not wash

Symbol 2Symbol 3Symbol 4

The dots corrispond to temperature, the more dots the hotter the wash.

The numbers listed are the suggested temperature for the item to be washed at, not exactly rocket science.


 BleachBleach No

The symbol of a triangle on clothing care labels describes whither a item is able to be bleached. The symbol on the left, a triangle with no other markings means that the garment can be washed with bleach. The symbol on the right, a triangle crossed out, means that washing the clothing in bleach will damage or destroy the item.



 Tumble Dry Heat noTumble Dry No HeatTumble Dry Heat 1Tumble Dry Heat 2Tumble Dry Heat 3

Tumble drying is a quick and easy way to get clothes dry in a hurry, and get make sure that your little one has his favorite t shirt once again. Though some clothing may appear the same of feel the same they can have different care instructions. Becareful to follow each garments own instructions as different materials and the fibers that make them up will react differntly to being tumble dried. A common problem seen is the fibers changing size and shrinking or warping or the texture can change becoming ‘furry’ or ‘bobbly’. Don’t worry about any of our clothing it has all been tumbled dried twice so there should be no shrinkage or change of shape.


Tumble Dry Heat no

Do not tumble dry

Tumble Dry No Heat

Tumble dry with no heat

Tumble Dry Heat 1Tumble Dry Heat 2Tumble Dry Heat 3

Tumble dry with appropriate heat. One dot low heat, two dots medium heat, three dots high heat.


 Iron NoIron 1Iron 2Iron 3

If you have time for it, and realistically who does, a quick iron neatens up clothing. If you find yourself with no time but in need of a pressed shirt a trick to use is hang the shirt in the shower room and the steam from the shower helps to reduce the creases.


Iron No

The iron with the big cross through it means that it cannot be ironed, no need to make excuses.

Iron 1Iron 2Iron 3

The dots within the iron symbol refer to the heat which you should iron the clothing with. If the clothings care instructions show one dot then you should smooth the creases on a low heat or if there is three dots a high heat can be applied.

Dry Cleaning

No Clue No No Clue Yes

Dry cleaning is the process of washing a grament with a cleaning solvent rather than using water, this gives it the name of dry cleaning. The process is often used for garments that are to delicate to withstand the rough and tumble of a regualr wash, for this reason you may find that some garments are dry clean only. The two symbols above indicate whither the garment can, the cirlce or cannot, the crossed out circle.