What does CAPR mean?

CAPR is a reference to the inspiration and reason that brought about CAPR-Style, Claudia’s son Christian where the letters of CAPR are the Christian’s initials. Our name keeps our main drive central to everything that we do: to provide stylish and fashionable clothing options to Christian and those like him. No longer limiting those with disabilities to jogging bottoms and hoodies we aim to create clothing where you don’t have to choose between fashion and function.

Pronouncing CAPR as caper it links us to the idea of kids being kids. To caper is a playful of lively movement that is often used to describe the way that children play. All children want to have the same thing which is to play and have fun regardless of any disability, this is why we try make all our clothing ‘play-proof’. On our trousers this sometimes means additional knee patches or knee reinforcement and on our body vests we strengthen the arm and neck openings so they keep their shape if little hands pull or tug on them.  Keeping a traditional look to our clothing, with the differences between our clothing and their non-adaptive counterparts as discreet as possible, we want to provide children with clothing options that allow them to dress with the same style that other kids can.

Style is a personal choice (or for young children the choice of their parents but we have good taste) and we hope that our wardrobe of clothing that caters to different disabilities and special needs will allow everyone to express themselves and feel more comfortable with who they are.

A name is a representation of who you are just like the clothing you wear, CAPR-Style was chosen as our name because it embodies so much of what we are striving to achieve.